November PTO Meeting


FALL FESTIVAL:  The total profit for the fall festival, including sponsor donations, was $2,2546.17.  Suggestion for next year to move the popcorn and cotton candy to a different area so that there is an easier flow of traffic coming in and out of the school. 

 COOKIE DOUGH FUNDRAISER: J & D Fundraising attended the PTO meeting to discuss a potential cookie dough fundraiser for the spring.  Forty percent of the profit made from cookie dough sales would go towards the school.  Pretzels, cinnamon buns, popcorn, and magazines from the same company would be a part of this sale.  There is an option to place your order online which would benefit students who have family members or friends far away and are unable to get the money to the student.  If a student makes even one sale, they get a prize.  J & D likes to do an assembly to explain the sales and the prizes to the student body, but if that is not possible, then there is a DVD that could rotate to the classes or played over the announcements.  The cookie dough sale money would be made out to the PTO and it would be the PTO’s job to verify that the order forms matched up to the money given.  After order forms are placed, cookie dough would be delivered 2-3 weeks later.  The company would set up, at the school, for three hours and would need parent volunteers to pass out orders.  There would be a follow-up kick off presentation for the school with the prizes.

 EDUCATION FOUNDATION EVENT: Tickets for this event are $30.00 a piece.  The PTO has agreed to sponsor one teacher per grade level at JC Sawyer, for a total of $180.00.

 SANTA SHOP:  Ally and Sarah Katherine will be running Santa Shop.  Santa Shop will be set up the week of December 11th during their children’s connect time.  Volunteers are needed to help kindergarten and first graders shop. 

 PURCHASES:  The PTO bought six large trash cans for the school bathrooms. 

 COFFEE:  K-Cups and creamer has cost the PTO $214.48 since the beginning of the year.  PTO will invest in buying a 20-25 cup coffee maker for the teachers room to save money.  The Keurig will remain in the teachers room so that if they want to bring in their own k-cups, they may do so.  The remaining k-cups will be used and then the PTO will transfer to a different coffee maker. 

 CHICK FIL A:  Chick-Fil-A night is December 6th from 5pm to 8pm.  Parent and child volunteers are needed that night to clean off tables, fill drinks, deliver food, etc.

KRISPY KREME:  Delivery for Krispy Kreme orders will be this Thursday at 7:15am.  The PTO needs volunteers passing out donuts and selling the extra boxes that were ordered.