Fall Product Fundraiser: Innisbrook

Special events: Fall Festival, Santa Shop, Spring Event, JC Sawyer Night at Chick-Fil-A

Ongoing Fundraisers: Throughout the school year we collect BoxTops, Labels for Education, Coke Rewards and Farm Fresh

The money we receive from these goes right back to the school. Last year we were able to purchase a bags of playground equipment with points from  Farm Fresh! We also raised over $1,000 with all the BoxTops that were sent in last year!

nmr_bannerPlease note: Farm Fresh has changed their 1234 Community program. No more receipts. Just scan your key card or ask the cashier to scan the code for JC Sawyer Elementary! Ask at the school office for a scan card for your key ring. Spread the word to family and neighbors!

BoxTops, Labels for Education, Coke Rewards: There are collection boxes in the school office and each classroom. You can send in Coke Reward codes, Boxtops and Label for Education to your child’s teacher. Make sure you include your child’s name on your baggie! Check the date on your BoxTops! We can’t submit expires ones!

    Products with Labels for Education

Products with BoxTops


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